Logo Explanation

Red and blue are the official colors of the Malaysia-Singapore Baptist Theological Seminary. Red is the traditional color for Theology and blue represents Church Education. These are the two fields in which the seminary's degrees can be earned. They indicate both doctrinal and practical knowledge, both of which are necessary for the Christian minister.

Objectives for Training

  1. To provide students with a strong biblical and theological foundation for life and ministry.
  2. To nurture in students a deep spiritual life which will enable them to exemplify Christian character and deal with the challenges of ministry through God's power.
  3. Develop in students the following ministry skills:
    1. To lead the church to accomplish God's will and administer the various programs of ministry;
    2. To direct the missionary outreach program of the church, share personal faith and God's plan for salvation with others and lead those who have committed their lives to Christ towards mature discipleship;  To direct the church to meaningful encounters with God through worship;
    3. To develop the skills and spiritual gifts of Christians for participating in effective ministry through the church education program;
    4. To minister to and counsel people during times of crisis;
    5. To interpret the Bible accurately and proclaim and teach God's word with conviction and power
  4. Lead students to appreciate and learn from their Christian and Baptist heritage.


Equipping men and women to fulfill the task commanded in Ephesians 4:11-13 ("Preparing God's people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up and become mature") and in Matthew 28:18-20 ("to make disciples of all nations") by utilizing various resources through strategic partnerships.


Providing quality theological training to church leaders who have a strong sense of calling and commitment to serve God in the church field.

Theological Education for Christian Vocation & Maturation

MBTS is ready to equip all of God's People based on the doctrine of the "priesthood of all believers." However, in terms of priority, MBTS will focus first on equipping believers called into the Full-time Christian Vocation, i.e., those who testify to a call to full-time Christian services (whether salaried or not) and seeking preparation to enter into Ministry, and also those already in  Ministry and seeking to further improve themselves. MBTS will then focus on equipping mature Christians serving in various capacities in the local churches. Hence, MBTS offers two different programs in the Basic Theological Programs, The Christian Vocation Programs and The Christian Studies Programs. The entrance requirements and program structures for the two programs are not the same.  Though students in the two programs will enroll in many similar courses and generally sit together in the same classes, there are additional requirements and different expectations for those in the Christian Vocation Programs.