The DMiss is a professional doctoral degree designed to equip leaders and missions practitioners to participate in cross-cultural ministry with greater competency and effectiveness. It is a mostly online program that allows students to adapt and apply their research within their own cross-cultural ministry settings. Students are required to attend only three on-campus seminars for one week each. These are offered during the months of January and May.



The following seminars are required for all students in the DMiss program. A total of 45 credit hours is required for graduation. Seminars are offered one at a time on a two-year cycle (i.e., each seminar is offered once every two years). There are three hybrid seminars (both online and on-campus) and three fully online seminars. The remaining 12 credits come from the prospectus and dissertation.

Hybrid Seminars
Research Design 1 (March-June) on campus in May 3
Contextual Theology (Nov-Feb) on campus in January 6
Biblical and Theological Basis of Missions (March-June) on campus in May 6
Online Seminars
Missions Strategy in Asian Contexts (July-Oct) 6
Christianity and Other Faiths (July-Oct) 6
Missions History and Area Study (Nov-Feb) 6
Research Design 2 (Prospectus) 2
Dissertation 10
Total 45


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The Doctor of Missiology program at MBTS is accredited by the Asia Theological Association. For more information about ATA, see,