christIan vocation

These programmes are for those preparing themselves to enter into a full-time Christian Vocation (e.g., pastors, missionaries, youth pastors, etc.). Entrance requirements of these programmes include a testimony of a call to Christian work, a commitment to enter into full-time Christian work, and recommendation by a church pastor/leaders.

  1. The Bachelor of Theology (116 credits; 3 years) degree is for those with an STPM with at least 3 passes or equivalent.
  2. The Master of Divinity (102 credits; 3 years) degree is for those with an undergraduate or professional degree.

Programme details available here.

Basic Christian Studies 

These programmes are for mature Christians. Entrance requirements of these programmes include a testimony of conversion, active church membership or involvement in Christian-based ministries, and character commended by recognised Christian leaders. There are 2 programmes in this category, based on highest formal education achieved:

  1. The Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies (34 credits; 1 year) is for those with an undergraduate or professional degree.
  2. The Master of Christian Studies (64 credits; 2 years) is for those with an undergraduate or professional degree.

continuing theological education

These programmes are for those with a basic theological degree looking for more. All who apply must be in active ministry to qualify for consideration.

  1. The Diploma of Theology to Bachelor of Theology (40 credits) is for those with 4 years of theological studies or equivalent. Those who have more than 3 years of full-time ministry experience are exempted from sitting for a qualifying exam.
  2. Masters Programmes requires a Bachelor of Theology (see above)

** Programme details available here.

Professional skills

These programmes do not require a basic theological degree for enrolment. Apart from the necessary academic achievements, practical involvement in the relevant field of study is expected. These programmes do not qualify for automatic upgrade into a Master of Divinity degree or into graduate theological studies.

  1. Diploma in Christian Counseling (24 credits; modular) is a systematic counseling program designed to meet the needs of working adults who want to upgrade their counseling skills and knowledge to assist them in their ministries. go to 2018 Time Table

    graduate / post-graduate

    These are advanced programmes for mature and experienced Christian leaders. In addition to meeting academic standards and years of service, applicants have to demonstrate Christian maturity and leadership qualities. These programmes will require 4-6 years to complete and must be done while students are active in ministry.

    1. The Master of Theology (36 credits; modular) is for those with a Master of Divinity degree. It is an academic degree for those focusing on a teaching or research ministry. This is a modular programme and offered according to availability of students and lecturers in the required fields.
    2. The Doctor of Ministry (45 credits; modular) is designed as an advanced professional leadership and ministerial programme. It seeks to enhance pastors and Christian workers in their general calling to be Christian leaders, and in their particular calling to do the work of Christian ministry for church development, mission, and evangelism. Hence, the programme is built around the three fields of leadership, church development, and mission and evangelism. A dissertation is required to complete the programme.
    3. The Doctor of Missiology (45 credits; modular) is a professional doctorate programme aimed at training future lecturers in missions and for leaders of missions agencies in the Asian context. A dissertation is required to complete the programme.