The Doctor of Missiology at Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary is a professional doctoral degree for mission leaders and practitioners. Through field and literature research, peer interaction, and in-context application this program seeks to increase the competency and effectiveness of experienced cross-cultural workers.


The Virtues of Our Approach

Planted in a ‘Whole-Bible’ Perspective

The DMiss program at MBTS approaches the subject of missions and missiology from a ‘whole-Bible’ perspective. That is to say, rather than study missiology merely as an academic discipline, we seek to foster missiological views that are cultivated by the missional character of the biblical canon. A growing awareness of the missional purpose of the Bible leads to a greater understanding of the missional purpose of the Triune God. And in this way, students become better equipped to study, evaluate, and apply missiological approaches within their own cross-cultural ministry contexts.

Rooted in the Local Soil

The DMiss program integrates academic scholarship and in-context practice. Yet the unique quality of the DMiss courses at MBTS is that each general subject is addressed in light of missiological issues that are particular and relevant to the different Asian contexts. Thus, the program seeks to reflect and incorporate Asian concerns and ways of thinking so that the results can be more easily applied within local ministry settings. The program is designed for those serving in Asia and all courses are taught by experienced scholar/practitioners who also serve in Asia.

Cultivated by the Pursuit of Missiological, Theological, and Academic Excellence

Through the practice of academic study, this program seeks to develop a missiological perspective that is also biblically and theologically astute. Yet is also goes further by seeking to help students apply their studies and knowledge to their own ministry contexts in ways that can effect real change. Furthermore, through online forums, video conferencing, peer reviews, and on-campus seminars students will benefit from interaction with classmates from across Asia and around the world. The DMiss program at MBTS is dedicated to creating an atmosphere which cultivates the growth of intellect, character, and ministry ability through a community of theological and missiological analysis, dialogue, and relevant praxis.

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