Research Design 1

This seminar is designed to prepare students to research and write doctoral level papers and dissertations. Students will be introduced to research methods, literature review, data collection and analysis, and presentation and writing the final product. This is a skill-based seminar and will incorporate practical work on each of the skill sets.


Contextual Theology

This seminar explores how culture affects the missiological task by focusing specifically on the issue of contextual theology. The course seeks to define culture and contextual theology, explain how contextual theology differs from systematic theology, demonstrate the importance of contextual theology to the missiological task, and articulate how one can train local leaders to think theologically about the pressing issues of their cultural contexts.

Biblical and Theological Basis of Mission

This seminar is an examination of contemporary approaches to biblical and theological interpretation with specific focus upon their use in the practice of missions. Attention is given to current issues in the theology of missions.

This seminar examines strategies for fulfilling the mandate given to us in the Great Commission. It explores pertinent theological and practical issues pertaining to missions strategy. From this perspective, students will consider appropriate strategies for ministering in the diverse contexts in Asia.

Missions Strategy in Asian Contexts

Christianity and Other Faiths

This course examines the belief systems and worldviews of the different world religions. A comparative study of salient theological issues as well as implications for missions in a multi-religious world will be discussed. Some of the objectives are – to critically reflect on salient theological issues of Christian engagement with each religion; identify the Christian response and responsibility to our multi-religious neighbors; and develop tools for effective witness in our pluralistic society.

This course is a detailed study of the patterns of development in missions history with special emphasis on the history of missions in Asia. The objectives include – identifying the value of studying missions history, describing the major periods in missions history, discussing significant areas of missions advance across the globe, and making applications from missions history to contemporary missions practices in Asia and around the world.

Missions History and Area Study


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