Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary's goal is to train leaders in all areas of ministry and service unto God. Therefore MBTS has developed a systematic counseling program that will enable further training at the Certificate or Bachelor's level.  This program is designed to meet the needs of working adults who want to upgrade their skills and knowledge that can benefit them in helping ministries.  

Program Requirements

Program Requirements: To graduate with a Diploma in Christian Counseling the student must complete 24 credits with an acceptable GPA. The credits consist of three major areas - Counseling Skills, Marriage and Family, and Individual Issues. The skill-based portion of the program consists of 8 courses, which result in 9 credits, as Guided Experience is a two-credit course for Diploma in CC (a one-credit course for Certificate in CC). The other two areas, Marriage and Family and Individual Issues are knowledge-based courses and are electives. The student is free to choose which courses are more important to their perceived counseling situations.

Most of the skilled courses do not have prerequisites, with the exception of A Structural Model for Counseling, Advanced Skills, and Guided Experience. The student must complete all core skill courses and at least 18 credits before enrolling in Guided Experience.

To graduate with a Certificate in Christian Counseling, the student must complete 10 credits of the Skill Courses which include one-credit hour of Guided Experience (Practicum) under the supervision of an Assigned Supervisor.  

Both programs aim to assist in the building-up of churches by encouraging Christians to grow in spiritual and psychological maturity for ministries.

Course Format

Each course is one credit consisting of 8 lecture hours taught on a Saturday.  Nine courses will be taught each year at MBTS and the Kuala Lumpur Extension.  Therefore, the diploma program could be completed within two and a half years.  The course instruction will consist of lectures, reading, and written assignments at a Bachelor's level. 

Diploma in Christian Counseling 24 credits total
Skill Courses 7 credits
Electives 15 credits
Guided Experience 2 credits
Certificate in Christian Counseling 10 credits total
Skill Courses 7 credits
Electives 2 credits
Guided Experience 1 credit
Certificate of Marriage And Family Studies 10 credits total
Marriage & Family Courses 10 credits


  • Completed Form 5

  • Meet the general admission requirements of MBTS

  • Should feel a call to the helping field and exemplify some degree of helping skills


To register for any of the three programs please request an application from the Academic Office by email or by post.  You can also download it at www.mbts.org.my.

Application Fee RM 100
Each Course RM 80 (PG)
RM 90 (KL)
RM 90 (Malacca)
Books, materials, etc are not included.

Skills Courses

* The Christian Lay Counselor
* Basic Counseling Skills I:  Listening & Attending
* Basic Counseling Skills II:  Responding
* Understanding People
* A Structural Approach Model for Counseling
* Advanced Skills in Counseling
* Self-Care for Helpers
* Guided Experience (Practicum)

Marriage and Family Courses

* Assessing Problem Marriages
* Biblical Understanding of Marriage and Divorce
* Understanding Gender Differences
* Helping Couples in Conflicts
* Communication:  The Foundation for Healthy Relationships
* Infidelity and Intimacy in Marriage
* Parenting Styles
* Family Abuse
* Premarital Counseling
* Stages of Family Growth
* Teens and Parents:  Common Counseling Issues
* Marriage Counseling: A Primer for Lay Counselors

Individual Issues

* Anger Management
* Handling Emotions (Guilt, Shame & Rejection)
* Handling Grief, Loss & Change through Life Developmental Stages
* Forgiveness – Key to Restoration & Healing
* Understanding Addictions:  What They are and How to Help
* Counseling Those in Crisis
* Encouraging Godly Self-Esteem
* A Biblical Response to Homosexuality
* Helping the Depressed
* Singleness
* Considerations of Human Development in the Counseling Process
* Counseling the Stressed
* Mental Illness: An Overview of Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Anxiety Attack, OCD and the
Role of the Helpers and Caregivers
* Spiritual Warfare and Counseling
* A Biblical Response to Suffering, Sin, and Evil
* Dealing with Trauma
* The Unseen Wound of Self-Injury